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Pushing light technology to optimise clinical solutions

As a pioneer of light technology, Kenswick has been supplying complete, cutting-edge, and high-quality products for medical illumination for years. Our V-light series is highly adaptable and can be applied to all disciplines of surgery with outstanding opto-visual performance. With its superior shadowless effect, optimised structure for laminar flow, and homogenous light column, the V-light is the perfect partner for maximising clinical solutions.

Superior Shadowless Effect

The V-light's circular polyelipsoid reflector projects an infinite number of 3-dimensional cascades of light towards the operative area. As a result, a perfectly homogeneous light column is formed, effectively neutralising shadows caused by obstructing individual light beams. The residual illumination of one-shadow-caster is over 50%.

Optimal for Laminar Flow

The best way to avoid any turbulence in the laminar flow is to postion the operating light behind the surgeon to avoid obstruction of the flow. The V-series has the deepest light field area enabling it installation behind the surgeon without difficulty. At the same time, the compact design and streanlined shape of V-series minimises turbulence in the laminar flow.

Homogenous Light Column

V7.0 generates up to 160,000 lux of light intensity which is he benchmark of the current halogen technology. Compared to the 100,000 lux brightness of daylight, an additional of 60% visible light is provided to the surgeon.

100% Backup Light

The V-Light anticipates even the most unexpected emergencies. Even in the failure of the primary light bulb, the reserve light bulb will automatically rotate into the primary bulb position by using an electric motor to deliver 100% intensity.

Best Colour Temperature

V-series adopts the latest advancements in light technology to provide a 4,500 Kelvin colour temperature. This exceptionally high intensity is closest to the colour temperature of daylight, which is optimal for human vision and provides lowest visual stress illumination.

Easy maintenance

The V-series has a uniquely smooth surface and streamlined shape which makes cleaning and disinfection an effortless task. Its design unibody design prevents the accumulation of dust and unwanted materials.

Cold light

Thanks to advance technology of the filtration system, "Scott" filters out 99.5% infrared component emitted from the light. Apart from the filter, the roomy interior can effectively dissipated heat by conduction and convection, resulting in a light Schott, that is cool and comfortable for the medical team to operate under.