Most compact

VLED adopts the most compact leds with a footprint of only 3x3mm, which makes VLED the smallest high-power lensed LED surgical light on the market today, thus enabling compact LED arrays and maximizing flux over area.

More efficient

Each led can be driven up to 1000mA while the latest power chip technology remains efficient even at the highest drive currents. A low thermal resistance of 7 K/W ensures cool running and a highly efficient product. The VLED only consumes not more than 50W, while providing the highest illuminaMon of 160,000 lux.

Less heat dissipation

Since only 50W is sufficient to drive the VLED when delivering the highest illumination of 160,000lux, the temperature of light head is extremely low at about 1.5 – 2.0 deg. higher than the room temperature.

Variable colour temperatures

The color temperature can be varied in 3 steps 3800K, 4300K, and 4800K. As a result, surgeons always have the optimum visual conditions depending on the extent of perfusion of the surgical site. Usually the color temperature of 3800K is particularly applicable for orthopaedic surgery, while the higher color temperature of 4800K is well suited for neurosurgery of which white tissue needs to be highlighted for better vision. This range of color temperature indeed provides the surgeons their choice of "better illumination" for the surgeries.

No rainbow effect

VLED adopts the latest led technology of double white leds, while providing the necessary illumination but no color leds are used. This breakthrough allows the surgeon to receive the same white lights all the time during the operation, and prevent any eye fatigue due to the "rainbow effect".


More evenly distributed light

Traditional surgical lights create a high intensity by squashing the light flux into the middle of the beam, creating a "central spot". This high contrast gives a very bright centre, leaving the rest of the field relatively dim in comparison.
VLED gives a high illumination across the whole illuminated field avoiding high contrast lighting and distractions.

Easy to use

VLED further enhances the concept of user-friendliness, the LCD touch screen helps operating nurses to quickly adapt to the control interface. In addition, the interface incorporates the control of Vision HD camera at the same control panel, minimizing the user to shift from one equipment to another.

In addition, the interface is upgradable whenever any new software is developed to provide the customer a life long guarantee of most up to dated technology available from Kenswick.


Optimal for laminar flow

Thanks to the most ergonomic design of VLED, the shape is extremely streamlined to minimize any turbulence of the laminar flow. In addition, the whole body of VLED is made of aluminium to ensure optimum heat management, increase in temperature of light head is barely noticeable, which allows handling the illumination even more comfortable.