Kenswick Medical GmbH

Our philosophy

Kenswick is a German-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality equipment to the medical industry.

Located in Wurmlingen-Tuttligen, Kenswick provides a large range of medical equipment, designed specially to serve the operating environment and patient care in a safe, unique, and affordable way. As a leading international provider of medical apparatus, thousands of businesses rely on our safe, pioneering, and reasonably priced paraphernalia.

Kenswick provides our customers with countless solutions to their problems, which include:

  • M.OR.E integration systems that connect all areas inside and outside the hospitals.
  • Surgical lights that excel the visibility of the surgical sites.
  • Pendants that improve the efficiency of the medical staff.
  • Operating tables that provide the versatility for different surgical applications.
  • Video solutions that provide the true vision of the surgical sites.
  • Electrosurgical units that enhance the cutting and coagulations of different applications.
  • We believe the key to creating quality products is through the understanding of the patient's needs, priorities, and expectations. At Kenswick, we put the customers first. We also believe that the satisfaction of our patients is through the understanding of a worthwhile, attentive service to meet needs of the medical staff, as well as a safe, dependable range of products at a competitive price. We will always strive to serve the medical industry's every changing requirements with innovative products and latest technologies at a platinum standard.