Versatile system

The system, in addition to video routing, it provides the modules for recording, equipment control, links to information systems, multimedia conferencing, specialist rooms, training rooms, and other ORs. The OR will not be an isolated island any longer but well connected to the other medical expertise.


Long distance video conferencing

Get connected and simultaneous
The M.OR.E system makes the OR more accessible to the outside world. It u)lizes either the hospital network(provided that bandwidth is sufficient) to facilitate video conferencing and broadcas)ng with the other hospital s or medical ins)tu)ons. This network based communica)on elimates the need for cumbersome cabling while expanding the OR's to the outside world.

M.OR.E integrates the integrated operating room

With decades of devotion to manufacturing surgical lights, pendant, and OT equipment, Kenswick has acquired valuable experience to launch the newest concept of OR integration – the M.OR.E system. M.OR.E adopts the latest technology of video streaming, providing the viewers having the same HD quality of images inside and outside the operating room simultaneously. M.OR.E is one of the first system really integrating the integrated operating room of which functions can be MORE.

Simple multi-touch function

The operation of the touch screen over self-explanatory symbols is very easy. Prior to surgery, first the patient data is called up from the patient list. Then, camera or data sources for the monitors are selected as requested. Be it a room camera, endoscope, ultra-sound , microscope, vital data or central PACS system, you can switch between the sources with a touch of a finger to guide the image or data to the monitors.