Excellence in customisation

With the new "modularity design", MEGA can be customised 3-dimensionally to meet different customer uses for all medical applications in limited spaces, making it ideal for environments such as OR, ICU, NICU and emergency rooms. The 6-facet service headpanel can individually accept electricity, data or medical gas panels while maximising space utilisation. Additionally, the panel can be positioned at all possible angles, giving the customer more freedom to plan or design their own OR and other healthcare environments, thus breaking through stereotypical confinements.

Best for spatial arrangement

Unlike the traditional design, the service head of MEGA is minimized in size a great deal but maintain the sufficient strength to support of up to 5 platforms on either side . About 60% of space is saved for a double deck service head, then provide the same for accomodating the medical equipment.

Greatest flexibility for medical equipment

The service head can be equipped with one or two steel rods on front and back sides which have 4 different lengths of 500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm.

Each steel rod can accommodate up to 5 equipment platforms of different dimensions for various applications.

Ready for OR integration

Each deck of the service head has 6 facets which can accommodate either the high or low voltage panels prepared for any addition of video signals, communication connections, audio signals in case OR integration system is installed whenever it is necessary for the operating theatre.

Moreover, the pendant is also ready for adding a carrier arm on the second mechanical arm for up to 2 monitors. This is particularly convenient for OR in use so that no construction work is required.

Versatile monitor spring arms

The service head provides a 360o base for the monitors. Monitors can be installed on either side of the steel rod, in the central, or on the side ways at the discretion of the operators.