Kenswick Medical GmbH

Aspiring to be the perfect partner

For us, our products are so much more than equipment. We strive to be your perfect partner, tailoring to your every need or preference.

Shaping the medical world through technological advancement

At Kenswick, we aim to transform the medical domain through pioneering in research and development.

We intend to use the newest technology to create additional benefits for each and every one of our products, in order to deliver advantages to both the user and their patients.

Due to our innovative LED technology, our LED surgical light is one of the slimmest in the field. Furthermore, we have incorporated both multi-preview and multi-touch technology into the interface of our M.OR.E OR Integration system, creating an effortless way to control a composite system.

The platinum standard

At Kenswick, our mantra is to ensure that all our products meet a "platinum standard", meaning that the quality of our products is second to none. To do so, we follow the medical standard ISO 485 to design, manufacture and distribute all our products.


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